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A new idea in dolls house websites where we’ve joined up a full website showcasing new product a trade and private sales area with a extensive social hub, but ONLY


Amazing NEW Dollhouse Community here in U.K.

We tuly believe that where there are a group of likeminded enthusiasts, builders, and trade contracts alike in an ideal world they would want to have everything in one location making sourcing supplies, information, guidance or support a much quicker and easier task, leaving more time to enjoy the process more, has to be a good thing, and we have managed to accomplish just that, by talking to those that understand the subject, that can assist with support and guidance when needed and obviously praise on others by and with the trades phelp and involvement, bringing the very best of products straight to our users would be if asked their first choice, the pleasure is in the building, not in the spending days searching for some elusive part, and we’ve all done it, myself included which is why we then decided to compile this very website, community and social hub idea to make it a far more pleasant experience, and why we continuously strive to improve upon this one off, one stop experience. When you visit our sales area, not only will you have full access to a huge range of top-quality build items but you'll also have access to the best of the new to market products, direct from their manufacturers but you’ll be able to connect with builders just like yourself that are happy to pass on advice, support and guidance. There is nobody better to support, to guide and help with any type of issue than

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MODEL BRICKS 100 1:12th Scale Miniature Dolls House War Gaming Model Railway Bricks. These bricks are handmade using non toxic mineral based pigments for a very realistic colour and finish. Ideal for cladding buildings, scratch building or landscaping. Despatched via 2nd Class Royal Mail and packaged carefully in bubble wrap. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. More colours and scales coming soon!

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Joining the Website , Community & Social Hub couldn’t be easier you simply have to follow these simple steps as follows: 1/ USERS - For now simply fill in the contact form below and we shall keep you up to date with developments as we near completion of the only website of its type that you will want to be a part off for sure. 2/ TRADE - If your a trade contact who wishes to be a part of this amazing new idea, complete the contact form below and one of our team will contact you to assess the level of interest you have and advise from there, there are many ways you can be involved from FREE advertising, to product placements and testing and a whole lot more, you really need to be involved with us if your not your competition shall reap the obvious rewards, operated on a first come basis. 3/ For general website community or forum/social hub enquiries or suggestions please address these to us at and we shall get back to you in due course.

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